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Zucchini (1)


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A 7 to 9 inch yellow zucchini from Wild Thyme Farm.

Wild Thyme Farm

Established in 1987, Wild Thyme Farm sits upon 80 acres tucked away on a dead end road in Potter Hollow of Rensselaerville, NY in the Heldeberg Hilltowns. The property features a babbling brook and a peaceful waterfall. Julie’s house and barns were originally built nearly 200 years ago. From the time Julie founded the farm it has grown from a single garden to include three gardens and two fields of crops. Julie, a research scientist by trade, transitioned into being a full-time farmer shortly after the birth of her children in an effort to feed her kids the best produce she could grow. Dissatisfied with the mechanization and industrial nature of modern agribusiness, Julie focuses on doing nearly everything on her farm by hand, including planting seeds, transplanting, watering and weeding. The only gas power she uses on the farm is for her rototiller. Additionally, Julie recycles, reuses and composts all of the waste from her farm to reduce her footprint. Although Wild Thyme Farm is not certified organic, Julie follows organic practices. No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or GMOs are used on the farm. Julie raises a highly diversified array of crops by hand, including lettuce, peas, kale, swiss chard, tomatillas, tomatoes, squash, cherries, blueberries, beans, gooseberries, pumpkins, shallots, onions, beets, turnips, and sweet corn. In addition to produce, Julie also raises laying hens for eggs. Wild Thyme Farm is a no-kill farm. Even after her laying hens surpass their peak egg-laying age, she give them a home to enjoy the remainder of their years. The farm is also home to Buttercup (a.k.a. “Gustav”), Julie’s 14 year-old gander who guards the gardens and fields from poaching pests. Wild Thyme Farm comes to FarmieMarket hoping to share the farm’s diverse and unique bounty with an audience that will enjoy it as much as Julie loves to cultivate it.

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